Tom Clark

Tom Clark

The value in a home inspection will be found in the assurance, information and knowledge you gain about your home. Our mission is to provide the assurance, develop the information and empower you with the knowledge to be the most informed buyer possible.

We provide you with the best home inspection using experience gained in thousands of home inspections performed over the past decade. Our inspectors are professionally certified and constantly improving their knowledge. We are ICC (CABO) Certified (Code Certified) and EDI Certified for Stucco Inspections as well as certified by the American Inspection Society. And full members of ASHI,the American Society of Home Inspectors and GAHI, the Georgia Association of Home Inspectors.

You won’t find a better value in home inspections. Let us prove it to you today. 770-800-3174

HIP is employee focused. We have found that by focusing on the employee, we are best suited to provide the ultimate service and satisfaction to our clients on a consistent basis. While many companies claim customer satisfaction is their number one priority, very often the ones depended upon to deliver on that commitment are overlooked or taken for granted.

HIP has a different philosophy. Perhaps it may be archaic or old fashioned, but we want to provide a home for our employees like it used to be. And when our employees feel at home, they are then able to turn their full attention to helping the client because they know they are part of a family and the family is looking after them and their client.